Friday 25th May 2012 - Married for 2489 days

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I have set up this website in my lunch time and am getting very excited about the wedding however the clock at the top stating 449days to go makes me realise you can be a bit too organised...

Rhiannon xx

Our trip to Lindos... - 03/06/11 - 11:49am

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Rhodes. We arrived on a thurs afternoon to be greeted by black skys and rumbling thunder...however by the time we got to the resort the sky was blue and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Apparently this is quite usual in Rhodes and Lindos always seems to have much better weather than anywhere else on the island. (Lets not hope I jinx it now!). We stayed in the Coralli appartments in Pefkos which we can thoroughly recommend...basic but clean and a great price at £8.00 a night per room!! Pefkos is just down the road from Lindos and there are buses between the two every hour or so.

After chilling out on the Thurs we went into Lindos on the Friday to watch some was so exciting seeing the church in the flesh for the first was as lovely as it looks in the pictures! Lindos is a gorgeous village with small cobbled streets lined with bars and restaurants, its greek but quite lively too and think we have definately made the right decision on location.

On the Saturday we met up with the wedding planner who was great, she answered loads of our questions and suggested a few places to look at for the reception. We had a wander round then came across Odyssia which we both liked the look of straight away. After enjoying a really nice meal and chatting to the owner a bit we decided it was definately the place for us. There is a picture on here and I will try to upload more, otherwise email me and I will send you some pics.

All in all a great trip, not a hint of rain the whole time with the temp into the 30's most days.

We just can't wait to get back there now...less than a year whoow!

Rhiannon xx


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